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We are very proud of us for providing one of the best sophisticated VIP escort or a glamorous escort model to our clients from all over the world on a dinner date, social engagement or meet for a more private encounter. All of our escort girls are absolutely stunning andhottest beauties, who would do anything in order to make you feel pleased. Whether it’s serving drinks to you or the sensuous massage or the night storytelling experience is the one you seek, she can give you anything. She will provide you company, love, sex, compassion and anything you seek for. You can either call her for in-house stay or for the outside holiday experience. She will be the sexy mermaid you always dreamt throughout your life; but someone you were never able to be with in real life. You will receive tremendous love and care from your lady. No matter whatever the reason, she will be available at your service within 30 minutes after you confirm the deal.

Our Hk escort girls at Secret Agent 007 are all professionals: actresses, dancers, top class models, etc. Since they already have great experiences from earlier professions, they already know how to deal with men. Most make the proper use of their intuitions to read men’s mind and know what their desires are. Mostly they know how to seduce and get you hungrily tempted. They know all the rules of the game, hence you will feel like a helpless creature tamed by the magic spell of her irresistible aura and undeniable sexiness. Her ways of seduction will make you forget all the bulks of daily life tensions in a blink. Even if you want more than more one babe at a time, then we can talk about it and make arrangements.

Even if you don’t want to miss your important and urgent conferences or meetings in the midst of vacating with your lady, you can take your diva with you without feeling insecure. They are well trained to behave like a corporate wife or girl-friend. They also know about the dress codes to wear in your office and hence, there won’t be any suspicion or doubt about their involvement in office, meetings or anywhere.

You can engagewith your escort in slave-master relationship. Since, you will be his master and she your slave, she can do anything that will please you, and she wouldn’tprotest. You can get her handcuffed, blindfolded or do anything with her. You don’t need to worry, as she will be all yours as your cute doll.


Your chosen companion will not start her journey to your hotel or home until the agency has confirmed that you are present.

Payment is to be made in cash (HK Dollars or common foreign currency) or Credit Cards and this is to be dealt with at the start of the meeting. No cheques or Traveler's Cheque are accepted.

Please do not be offended if the sum is checked and the notes verified against fraud. This is common practice and best done at the start of the meeting so the two of you can forget about it and have fun.

Accepted Payment methods

Currency Exchange

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